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Persistent BIOS Infection – CanSecWest

February 4th, 2009 No comments

Acabo de leer en el blog de Anibal Sacco (Exploiting Stuff) un proyecto (Persistent BIOS Infection) que será presentado en el CanSecWest que tendrá lugar del 16 al 22 de Marzo en Vancouver en el que han participado Anibal Sacco y Alfredo Ortega, sobre la inyección y ejecución de código en el chip del BIOS.

De momento no hay demasiada información publicada, pero podéis seguir los avances tanto en mi blog, como en el de Anibal Sacco.

Noticia Original:

After some time without news -as is usual around here- im back again, ready to say that i was confirmed as speaker at the CanSecWest conference that will be held March 16-20, at Vancouver, BC.

We will give a talk about a project what we’ve been working on with Alfredo Ortega (you know, the OpenBSD guy :) ) about a new generic binary method to get malicious code injected and executed into the computer BIOS. Yeah, that cute little chip…

I will post more details about the conference in some time. In the meanwhile, you can get more info from

For those who are planning to attend the conference, we (Alfred & I) will be arriving 16/3, and of course, we are up for some beers.

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